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my Story

Growing up in the scenic Copper River Basin of Alaska, surrounded by the breathtaking Copper River and Wrangle Mountains, I have been fortunate to call this remarkable state my home. As an Alaska Athabaskan Native, I hold a deep appreciation for my Native heritage and the wisdom passed down to me by my grandparents, who raised me. They imparted invaluable skills and knowledge, teaching me about farming, trucking, logging, and mechanics from a young age.


In addition to my educational pursuits, I also engaged in various sports and spent many years cutting wood to ensure staying warm during the harsh Alaskan winters, where temperatures could plummet to -50°F. These experiences not only taught me the art of survival in the unforgiving Alaskan climate but also instilled in me the ability to adapt and overcome any challenge.


After high school, I followed in the footsteps of my grandpa. At the age of 19, I entered the trucking industry, which had been a significant part of my upbringing. For nearly two decades, I dedicated myself to this field, working on road construction projects and working in the oilfield where ice road trucking was a common occurrence. However, at the age of 28, I felt the need for a change and decided to take a break from trucking and the oilfield.


Seeking new horizons, I immersed myself in a small school in Houston, Texas, where I focused on learning race engine theory and technology. This opened doors for me to work with esteemed racing teams such as John Force Racing and Don Schumacher Racing, where I used my skills in maintaining top fuel funny car and dragster engines. While the world of racing provided excitement, the constant travel and fast-paced lifestyle eventually led me to yearn for a different path. With that, I made the decision to return to Alaska and reentered the trucking industry.


In 2015, my life took yet another transformative turn when I became involved in Rhodiola rosea farming in Alaska. Since then, I have dedicated my efforts to the growth and development of Rhodiola, working alongside fellow farmers and pioneering new extraction methods. From planting and growing to harvesting, processing, extracting, and formulating my own products, I have gained a wealth of knowledge about Rhodiola and the best practices for its cultivation and extraction.


As an organic farmer, I approach building soil health with the same precision and care as building race engines. Just as multiple components must work together harmoniously in an engine, the same principle applies to soil health. By continuously improving soil health, I have discovered how to optimize its potential, resulting in the growth of healthier and more robust plants.


Drawing upon my diverse skill set from the trucking and racing industries, I play a key role in expanding the presence of Rhodiola farming in Alaska. With my expertise in farming, extraction, and formulation, I am dedicated to producing high-quality Rhodiola products. Through years of learning and experience, I have gained a profound understanding of Rhodiola and its optimal growth and extraction methods, contributing to the growth and success of the Rhodiola farming in Alaska.


In addition to my involvement with Rhodiola farming, I have had the unique opportunity to be featured on the popular TV show "Alaska: The Last Frontier." This show has allowed me to showcase my farming skills and highlight the strong bonds and support within our farming community in Homer, Alaska. In Homer, farmers come together to share knowledge, resources, and a genuine sense of camaraderie, understanding the challenges of living and working in Alaska and striving to uplift and assist each other.


As the owner and operator of Alaska Borealis Mountain Farms, I have dedicated years to perfecting the cultivation, processing, and extraction of the finest Rhodiola rosea. Through my commitment to excellence and the positive feedback from satisfied customers, my company has established itself as a leader in Rhodiola farming in Alaska. 

Meet The Farmer

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Farm Visit from Rhodiola researcher Dr. Mahtab Jafari.

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Freshly harvested Rhodiola root.

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